Colored Pencils

About the Studio

Life in Color Artist Stepanie

Life in Color is a private art studio located in California and is run by me, Stephanie Legge. I specialize in drawing portraits in both oil pencils and graphite pencils.

Art was a special interest for me growing up. My family and friends encouraged me to continue producing drawings, and I began to notice that this was different than what the other kids were doing in school. The more I drew, the better my technique seemed to become.  Art classes that I attended in school were often a breeze, and eventually my teachers even told me I was above their teaching level. By 9th grade I was already attending college-level art classes.

However, I was always seeking more from my art than simply to draw a picture that "looked good." I wanted to actively do something with my art. To find meaning behind what I was creating. I finally found that in college when I began drawing for others. The joy that I could give to others was what drove me to alter my entire perspective on art. People give me inspiration, and I want to give back what I practiced for so many years.

So this studio was created for you. For the patrons who give me inspiration. Everything is drawn with the purpose of giving to someone else. Life is precious. Capture it in art!